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Custom Closets Oklahoma City Offers Inspiring Closets System for Every Home

Get expert advice from Custom Closets Oklahoma City that fits your space and needs. Our team aims to deliver an enjoyable and easy process as possible in each project. Our professionals show up on time and comply with what has been agreed upon. Fill out the contact form if you need more information.

"I can’t believe that I have finally got my dream walk-in closet right in my home! Now, I can proudly display my stuff and get to my affiliations quickly, easily and simply. Very good quality work! I highly recommended this team." - Paula D.

Custom Closets Oklahoma City

Deciding your outfit of the day is more fabulous with a functional and elegant closet. Our closet designer Oklahoma City is here to prevent you from diving in a pile of clothes and messing your nicely folded ones. We will show you how ‘organize pile’ is.

Our organization solutions reflect our years of experience in this industry. Transforming ordinary closets Oklahoma City into elegant retreats is the job of our organization pros. With our storage solutions, displaying your wardrobe and accessories in high fashion is more possible.

Explore what we have for you. Work with our closet designer Okc today to get started.

About Custom Closets Oklahoma City

Our company is a trusted provider of home storage and organization products which is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It was founded a few decades ago. From then on, Custom Closets Oklahoma City has grown into a full service firm that serves both residential and commercial properties.

We focus on delivering efficient storage solutions including designing, building, manufacturing and installing the Okc custom closets. When our customers call, we offer no-obligation in-home consultation. During the visit, our closet designers will be measuring the areas that need organization. In this period, we also perform a strict wardrobe analysis and present the photographs of our products. This way, our customers realize their organizing ideas.

All information gathered by our closet designer Oklahoma City from your ideas will be forwarded to our skilled and professional builders. We always consider your budget allotment so that you will not find yourself paying for extra expenses.

We have company trained closet builders and closet installer who will deliver your brand new closets system safely and easily. We are going to install it in your room and clean up the area carefully. It is our goal to give our clients utmost happiness and great satisfaction in every product they get.

Why Choose Us?

Our company stands behind all custom storage systems that we make for our clients’ unique styles. We assure you that you will love the new closets Oklahoma City from day one. We want you to discover more of what the team can do for you. Learn why we continue serving different cities in Oklahoma.

  • Credentials – We have all the credentials that a good service provider should have. We are fully licensed and insured. We completely comply with the local and national requirements to confidently serve you.
  • Lifetime service warranty – Our products and materials are made of premium quality as what we always guarantee our clients. With our lifetime service warranty, you are sure that you get the best Okc custom closets.
  • Customer Care – Meet our hardworking and experienced customer care assistants. They have been serving many clients for a couple of years. We respond to your queries as quickly as possible and take away all your doubts with our answers.
  • Storage Concepts – We do not just provide closet design Okc, but we go beyond that. We consider many factors during the design process. We get to know our clients first, their personal styles, their lifestyle and needs. The design concept is generally from our clients since we are making custom closets. Our goal is to deliver the closet organizer systems upon the client’s approval.

What To Expect?

Our design options feature pull-out baskets which are useful for your laundry and storage, shelf dividers, and jewelry drawers. We also provide built-drawers for underwear and socks and so much more.

Our closet designer Okc suggests home storage solutions to organize all areas of your property. These are perfect for your laundry rooms, closets, garages, and pantries. We have also created a closet cabinet design for many home offices. Our units are fully customized and built with the user in mind.

Every successful design concept we launch for our client will be kept as part of our collections. This is also our way of showing our future customers how we changed the lives of many individuals and families in the past. From these concepts, we are able to make fresh ideas that adapt to the unique preferences of our clients.

We have a smooth and simple process before you get your new customer closet organizer. This time, you do not have to ask like ‘will I find affordable custom closets near me’ or probably ‘how to choose the best closet organizers near me?’ We are the ultimate answer to these questions. All you need is to discuss with us your ideas for your desired closet design Oklahoma City.

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Closet Services

Our custom closet guarantees that it will fit your lifestyle and daily routines. From the morning you wake up until your bedtime, you need your closet to get the right comfortable clothing and accessories for you. Get more ideas from our list of services and tell us what you have in mind.

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Custom Closet Design

We want you to know that our closet designer also helps in matching the closet features to your needs and home’s interior decoration. We offer in-home or virtual consultation and you decide on the schedule. During the consultation, we are going to show you more products such as accessories and add-ons.

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Walk-in Closet Design

One of our specialties is making a walk in closet design. Our walk-in closets combine personalized designs and customized functionality to obtain an impeccable storage system that meets your taste and lifestyle. Our company only uses superb quality materials, modern lighting, durable shelving accessories, and state-of-the-art finishes. Plus, we deliver professional customer service and excellent craftsmanship.

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Reach-In Closet Design

Our reach-in closet is meant for homeowners who are looking for space-saving options regardless of the budget and size. We make units that emphasize functionality and convenience with nice displays of storage solutions and custom racks. For this reason, you can maximize your space in a stylish way. You do not have to worry about where to keep your personalities.

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Wardrobe Closet Design

We believe that an expertly-crafted wardrobe closet gives ample room for every piece of stuff you have. Your custom wardrobe should give you quick access to your daily needs. At the same time, it should serve as your additional storage. We suggest this option if you want to be more clever in using your unused space.

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Kids Closet Design

Keep your little one’s essential well-organized with our closet design that is tailored to keep and secure the things of your baby. You can store his or her baby clothes, toys, electronic equipment, books, and accessories. We fulfil the dream of homeowners who have just started a family and those who are currently growing in number.

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About Oklahoma City OK

Currently, Oklahoma City has a metro area population of 989, 000 in 2020 with a 1.02 percent growth increase from 2019. This city is also shortened to OKC and the capital of Oklahoma. Moreover, this is the largest city in this US state and it is the Oklahoma County’s county seat.

Oklahoma City is abundant in culinary heritage which is evident in many local favorites such as chicken-fried steak, fried-onion burgers, barbecue, and Indian tacos. The safety level in this city is generally medium level. It has many tourists and the locals are also nice.

Oklahoma City has a diversified economy with aerospace and aviation that both make up the biggest sector in economic and employment impact. Other industries like energy, logistics, and bioscience are also contributors to the economic progress in the city.

OKC has neighboring cities such as the following:

  • Norman, OK
  • Edmond, OK
  • Bethany, OK
  • Del City, OK
  • The Village, OK
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does the design consultation cost?

Our in-home or virtual design consultation fee is already included in the overall price that we will invoice to you. But don’t worry, this is extremely affordable.

How much does a standard custom closet design cost?

Our custom closet units are priced based on the budget requirement and space measurement. The price rate is also determined by the chosen materials and design complexity.

Will I see my walk in closet design or new closet system immediately?

Our professionals will explain every detail of the process with you. The duration of the project completion varies on certain factors such as the complexity of the project. However, we guarantee fast delivery and accurate installation.

Should I prepare something before the installation process?

Definitely, you only have to clear your belongings that may hinder the installation of the new closet in your place. Our experts can give you detailed information or guidance on how to do this process successfully. Do not hesitate to ask professionals if you have more questions.


If you have a limited budget for a custom closet, contact this service provider. It offers very affordable closet systems. I have met its closet builders near me and they work professionally. I have seen how they install the closet storage units with utmost care.

Laurel P.


My mom and I have never had any problem talking with the closet designer. She knows what to do and she smartly responded to my questions. Then, I realized how professional and well-trained she is at accomplishing her job.

Robbie G.

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Custom Closets Design Oklahoma City is looking forward to designing and building your first custom closets. Whether you live within Oklahoma City or its neighboring cities, you can count on us.

All our projects are done locally. Thus, we can assure you of a quick turnaround time. It is also the reason why we guarantee affordable services on all our products.

We are just waiting for your call or message. We are available any time of the day and we can schedule your appointment on your nearest convenience. Please let us know as soon as you have finally decided on the type of custom closet you want for your home.

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Custom Closets Design Oklahoma City

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